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Badge Drop #8: The Great 8

Fri, 07/29/2022 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

It’s week EIGHT and quite frankly, that’s GREAT!!! Or in the paraphrased words of Lady Gaga it’s INCREDIBLE, SHOW-STOPPING, SPECTACULAR, NEVER THE SAME, TOTALLY UNIQU-… Wait… did we say SPECTACULAR???? *checks notes* WE DID!!!

What a WILD coincidence because TOMORROW just so happens to be the SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR. Did you get that?? The Summer Game Spectacular will be on Saturday July 30, 2022: 1:00pm to 4:00pm at Veterans Memorial Park (2150 Jackson Ave)!!! There will be GAMES!!! CODES!!! FACE PAINTING!!! POINTS!!! LIVE PERFORMANCES!!! And FUN!!! Click HERE for more information!! 

But all of that is tomorrow. Today, we have CHICKEN!!! LEGOS!!! ART!!! OLD NEWS!!! FROGS!!! CROSSWORDS!!! SEQUELS!!! And MORE!!!!!

ALSO, BIG NEWS!!!!! You asked and we listened!!!! Starting today, the Summer Game Map has received an update that makes it easier to tell which streets and blocks have Lawn Codes! There are just as many codes as before, but we tweaked things so the heat map is more helpful when you are out and about! SAME CODES, MORE SPECIFIC BLOBS!!!!!! You still can't catch 'em all, but you'll have an easier time catching several. We've ALSO added pins for Explorer and Partner badges found around town!! HUZZAH!!!!!!! 

Our exclamation point counter is going off the charts, so we better get to the DROP!!!!!!!!!!


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Stay SPECTACULAR, dear players, and as always THANKS FOR PLAYING!!! 


I have logged over 10 items for my son (player- littleboo on my account), but it is only displaying 9 items and does not display that the super reader badge is completed. Help please!

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