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Nerd Nite A2


Wednesday September 21, 2022: 7:30pm to 9:00pm  Add to Calendar


York, 1928 Packard St.


Gather ‘round for an evening of informed and informal talks from a friendly neighborhood expert! We’ll have three speakers, each presenting on a different topic and sharing interesting facts that you never knew you never knew!

Past Nerd Nite speakers have led deep dives into topics from the legacy of Louis Pasteur, to the origin of elements, to how a trumpet works, to a dissection of romance novel tropes.

So bring a friend, grab a drink, and enjoy an evening outdoors among fellow nerds. Be there and be square!


Speakers include:

Theresa Tejada, member of the Detroit Curling Club and lead of a team that competed in the 2021 National 5 and Under Bonspiel, will teach us How Curling Can Help Restore Social Connectedness in the COVID Era (and Possibly Save the World!) Curling is more than the weird sport with the shouting and the sweeping that generates memes every four years during the Winter Olympics. It has a unique gameplay and culture among team sports with its emphasis on fair play, collaboration, communication, and socialization: essential features in a thriving community and democracy. Learn about how the game is played, behind the scenes aspects of curling culture, and how curling clubs instill community building. Perhaps you might be inspired to get out on the ice yourself!


Leif Laufeyjarsen, volunteer docent and master chef at Cobblestone Farm, will cover The Unlikely Origins of Catsup. What do the ancient Romans have to do with catsup? How many varieties are there, and just how did Heinz become so popular? The Catsup journey spans three continents and millennia but Chef Laufeyjarsen will take us through it in just fifteen minutes!


Kayla Peck, a biologist who has dabbled in lots of “ologies” including virology, molecular biology, and computational biology, will be going back to her evolutionary biology roots with Evolution of Color in Nature (an Ode to Xanthophyll) to help celebrate the 15-year anniversary of one of her oldest companions and also inspire you to look at the world around you just a tad bit differently.