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Badge Drop #9: Classic Review Tips

by SaraP

It’s that time when we start rewarding you for all the REVIEWS you’ve written this summer about books and movies, CROSSWORDS and CHICKENS! So here’s a tip that might TIP THE SCALES in your points balance: you can write a review about any item in our CATalog!!! Technically our catalog doesn’t include crosswords or chickens, but it does include FIELDS for searching (though you can’t review the search field itself). It also includes CLASSIC WHODUNITS (you can totally review those). There are a lot of RED things, too (people love red cover art for all sorts of media!!!). Heck there’s probably a bunch of books about TEDDY bears and Teddy-the-dogs, if not Teddy Talks. 

So leave your fellow library lovers some POWERFUL reviews and then go maybe even REVIEW the REVIEWS with the Points-O-Matic Review Reviewer mode!!! Or, if you love a hands-on activity that really builds community and allows for some healthy competition, maybe participate in (or just show up and attend) the 17th annual LEGO Contest this Sunday, Aug. 7 at Kensington Hotel! Or do ZERO of those things (but at least do LEGO - it's gonna be rad) and simply use your IMAGINATION to solve some badges, because we are dropping L’EMOUR of them right now!...

Well, after we remind you that you have just 10 days left to create your own Lawn or Library Code: the last day to create is Monday August 15th! 

No time to WASTE - the POWER is YOURS!


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You’re WELCOME and, as always, THANKS for PLAYING!

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