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Feast Your Eyes

We all know what MAKES a great library... its STAFF! But what we REALLY want to know this Summer Game is.... WHAT DOES OUR STAFF MAKE??!?! 

This week, our staff are making FOOD! But food so beautiful it's also ART! That's right - all of the pieces this week feature edible materials! As ever, it's all created by the WILDLY TALENTED artists (and SNACK CRAFTERS) we have on our staff! But don't worry, we haven't gotten too caught up in ALL THIS SNACK-ADJACENT ART to forget something very important... YOUR CODES! You may notice some CODES hidden about in the artwork below... however, you may have to peruse the BEAUTIFUL WORKS quite carefully to find them....... You may need to click on the images for a larger version! 


Photo of bowl with colorful layered goat cheese torte with toppings. Code: TheOriginalGoat

Layered Goat Cheese Torte (above), multi-ingredient eat-it art
by Beth, Library Technician in Outreach

Photo of wooden box with Panda-like animal decoration on the top made out of different colored beans. Code: BalanceBean

Bean Box (above), multi-media don't-eat-it art
by Anonymous

Photo of charcuterie spread with dip in center and sprigs of rosemary. Code: CheeseTheDay

Cheese Board (above), multi-ingredient eat-it art
by A Local Cheese Enthusiast

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Dear Anonymous Bean Bear Box Artist,
I love your bean bear so much! I wish you weren't anonymous! please come forward, the world loves your art!

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At the Art of It All 2022


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