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Badge Drop #10: It's Not Over Yet!!!

Fri, 08/12/2022 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

It’s week 10 of the Summer Game which can only mean one thing… THE END IS NEAR-ISH!! 

No need to panic though, dear players, we here at SG Headquarters try our very best to be the HOSTS WITH THE MOST and we REFUSE to say the Summer Game is over until it’s OVER! You still have time to sink your teeth into the SWEET TREATS of badges, you can still TOY around with CROSSWORDS and AADLES, HECK- you can even FEAST YOUR EYES on a whole array of LAWN AND LIBRARY CODES! 

Speaking of Lawn and Library Codes…

While there is a little over two weeks left of Summer Game 2022, you have until Monday, August 15th at 11:59pm to create your Lawn or Library Code!! You’ll still be able to collect Lawn & Library Codes until the very end because, as we mentioned earlier, IT’S NOT OVER TIL IT’S OVER!! 

In the meantime…. HERE ARE YOUR BADGES!!! 


A Sweet TreatWell-Crafted ToysRed WatersLets Do the MatthaeiChicken Sees History AGAIN!!Moose on the LooseFeast Your EyesWild Chocolate APE SHALL NOT HARM APEHosts with the MostCrossword 10AADLE Week 10




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