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Badge Drop #11: Wonderful Golden Times

by SaraP

Well, folks, it’s been a WACKY and WONDERFUL summer. Our FUN IN THE SUN is slowly fading into a GOLDEN memory. Our FLIGHTS of fancy are getting a wee bit AADLEd. But, WAIT A MINUTE!!! This ship still hasn't sailed! We’re IMPRESSED by your Summer Game panache and we know you’ll still be traipsing AROUND all week, searching for those last elusive codes. So, despite the fact that the TIME has *almost* come for us to call it quits for the season, we here at SG Headquarters have not DESERTed you!

Let us be totally clear: we will never truly desert you, Dear Players. It’s just an issue of summer V. not-summer. Summer’s end is now nigh and the Summer Game GOES with it! Sunday, August 28th is the last day to play the game! After that, you’ll still be able to spend points in the Summer Game Prize Shop through Monday, September 5th!

Until then, here you go!!!...


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And, as always, THANKS for PLAYING!!!


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