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Summer Game 2022: The Magic Numbers

by SaraP

We really autumn be working on next year's Summer Game already, but we're still basking in the last (unseasonably) warm rays of a truly glowing SG 2022. Wanna know WHY? Because Summer Game 2022 was our BIGGEST YEAR YET!!! Please pause your Labor Day weekend preparations. Lift your head up off the couch if you've been recovering from a wild first week of school. Hold off on sipping your pumpkin spiced goods or laying out your halloween decor (or posting memes about them) for JUST A SEC! We mean that - feel free to continue all those activities immediately after this PSA. Let's look at what you fall have accomplished over the summer, dear players...

We are delighted to announce that a grand total of 10,114 players scored points during the 2022 Summer Game! This is, by far, the stat that is nearest and dearest to our hearts and this year's is a RECORD-BREAKER!!! We are nerds on many levels here at SGHQ so we dove deep into the numbers over the last few years and we're gonna really fly our stats-loving flag high (brace yourself):

2022 = 10,114 players
2020+2021 (we rolled it all together because...covid. womp womp) = 7,858 players
2019 = 9,491 players

(10114 - 7858) / 7858 = 0.287 = 28.7% increase over 2020/2021
(10114 - 9491) / 9491 = 0.065 = 6.5 % increase over 2019 (squeeeee!)
10114 > 10000 = MORE THAN 10,000 OF YOU!!!!

WOWZA! We couldn't have this much fun without EACH and EVERY one of you!!!

You guys blew ALL those other years out of the water!!! Players earned 300,264 badges this year. We have NO WORDS! And that's rare. We do, of course, have some numbers, though. It's an 11.2% increase over last year. In other, badge earns increased by as much as wholesale inflation back in March. So you know it was a LOT. O_o

More good news! 2,162 codes were created and 1,101 of them were Lawn & Library codes!!! Folks made ALMOST TWICE as many (80.4% more) Lawn & Library codes this year as they did Home Codes last year. And just how popular were all those codes of all kinds??? Altogether we're talking about 1,564,266 code redemptions. So if you need to rest your code-typing digits for a minute, that's LEGIT! 

It's time for the biggest, baddest, most jaw-dropping number ever mentioned in relation to the Summer Game. This past summer, players earned 233,700,673 points. You, dear players, are SUPERSTARS. You've earned 28.7% more points than any SG Cohort EVERRRRR! At least, we *think* you did. We dove deep, but we didn't dive deeper than the last time we restructured the points economy. fact...yes, we really do use the phrase "points economy" at SGHQ. 


Anyway, we love UNLOCKING MILESTONES. We love BIG NUMBERS (depending on the context). But most of all, we love...YOU! Our PLAYERS! 

This BIG Summer Game is over, fall is here (in practice, if not temperature), and now we're taking our annual big break so we can drop all new values into our SG Fun equation for you in June of 2023!!! THANKS FOR PLAYING and for being THE MAGIC in all those magic numbers that happened this year!! :D  


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