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Traverwood Elevator Outage

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 4:32pm by eli

In late August 2022, the hydraulic pump that powers the elevator at Traverwood failed, taking the elevator out of service. After attempts to repair the pump or get the elevator back into service were not successful, it was determined that a new pump and motor would be needed. Unfortunately, our vendors have been unable to locate the needed parts available for sale in the US due to ongoing supply chain and manufacturing issues.

Our current information is that the needed parts will arrive on November 30, 2022. Once the parts arrive our vendor should be able to get the elevator back into service within a few days. We will update the website banner when the elevator is back in service.

We're very sorry for this extended outage and the impact that it has on access to the library. We have exhausted the options available to us to make this happen sooner, and can only wait for the parts to arrive.

In the meantime, if this service outage impedes your access to the library, staff can bring your items out to you in the parking garage or on the street, wherever it's most convenient for you. Just call or text us when you arrive at 734-327-4200.

Thank you for your patience through this outage, and thank you for using your library!

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