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World Famous Trivia Last Night I MEAN TONIGHT!

by YourWFTHost


If you think you can just keep on livin' and tell people you're livin' without livin' through World Famous Trivia, then hunny, you ain't livin'.

What I recommend for said not-quite-livin' malady is to crawl yer way over to


I'm told, from various shady and livin' sources, that's where WORLD FAMOUS TRIVIA is being lived.

If you'd like proof, live through this here link:

And then keep on livin' directly toward this thing:

And remember, this is the last WFT before Thankslivin', so live it while it's steamy. Though you might not end up having time for WFT, not with all the livin' you'll be doing.


See you live,


Your Host Christian, WFT CEO & YHC


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