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All That for Nothing


I look out the window the rest of the world

calls my eyes.

The wind whispers something in my ear—

I cannot listen.

Skies envelop the sun, turning themselves

contrasting, disparate, divergent hues of color.

Traces of red and blue and purple dance around

shadows in the most intricate places.

Trees, jealous of the attention the skies get,

try to grab them and pull the marvelous colors down

to no avail.

The mountains try too.


The skies push the sun down

away from the world.

Moonlight touches the earth,

a tender, soft touch that

reminds us

of whom we are.

Water rushes over the jagged rock

turning it smooth

showing something so soft and gentle

can destroy a main source of security,

that something so aspiring

can fall at the hand of utter nothingness.

The sun was high up

daring to be touched with your eyes.

For all that

the sky still manages and managed to bring it down

each and every day.

Darkness envelops me.

I watch the world

as it dissolves

to nothing.