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鬼地方—自傳式書寫與虛實交錯的故事拼貼 Author Event | Ghost Town: Exploring the Liaison between Fiction and Autobiography


Saturday May 6, 2023: 5:00pm to 6:00pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


本場講座將由作家陳思宏介紹其獲臺灣文學金典獎年度百萬大獎、金鼎獎文學圖書獎,英文版並於美國獲熱烈好評的小說《鬼地方(Ghost Town)》,帶領觀眾思考「什麼是『鬼』?」、「什麼是所謂的『鬼地方』?」,以旅居德國柏林多年的觀察,與讀者分享東西方文化中對「鬼」的不同觀點和想像,也將分享本書的創作背景、靈感來源與心得。


陳思宏首部發行英文版的小說《鬼地方》受英美文學出版界關注,陳思宏除於2022年10月至紐約、華府進行共7場巡迴講座外,也將受邀參與於5月10日至13日舉辦的2023年美國筆會世界之聲文藝節(PEN World Voices Festival)。

In the author’s talk, Kevin Chen will introduce his well-received novel Ghost Town by discussing the definition of “Ghost,” “Ghost Town” and their meanings in different cultural contexts with the audience. 

Kevin will also lead the audience to explore the places he has visited, his life experiences in Taiwan and Europe, and other elements that serve as inspirations for the story.

Taiwanese author Kevin Chen began his artistic career as a cinema actor, starring in the Taiwanese and German films GhostedKung Bao Huhn, and Global Player. Now based in Germany, he is a staff writer for Performing Arts Reviews magazine. He’s published several novels and short story collections, including AttitudeFlowers from FingernailsGhosts by Torchlight, the essay collection Rebellious BerlinThree Ways to Get Rid of Allergies and other titles.

One of Kevin's award-winning bestseller novels--Ghost Town was translated into English and released in the US on October 25th, 2022. Having finished his successful author tour in New York City and Washington DC in October, 2022, Kevin will also take part in the 2023 Pen World Voices Festival, taking place on May 10-13.

This event is in partnership with the Michigan Taiwanese American Organization. It includes a signing with books for sale.

This event will be held in Mandarin. An English-language version is being held the next day on May 7th. 

Ghost Town event