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Staff Picks: Romantic Movies

by lucroe

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so enjoy these romance movies, some with a crossover appeal into other genres like horror, action, and fantasy.

The Lovebirds directed by Michael Showalter | Request Now

The Lovebirds directed by Michael ShowalterIssa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani play a couple that at the start seem to click perfectly but eventually the magic fades. But this is not about them coming apart, it is ultimately about being in the wrong place, wrong time when they accidentally stumble into a murder scene. In order to clear their names, they must find the killer but not without a lot of action and comedic moments along the way. Through it all, will the couple’s relationship become stronger or will this drive them even further apart? Watch and find out. 86 min.





Warm Bodies directed by Jonathan Levine | Request Now

Warm Bodies directed by Jonathan LevineA zombie horror love story with humor, romance, and optimism? Yes, you can have a bit of a scare while oohing and ahhing for the zombie/human love story. R (Nicholas Hoult), who cannot recall is whole first name, is the zombie in question lurching about with his fellow zombie, M (Rob Corddry). R meets human, Julie (Teresa Palmer) after a zombie massacre where he saves her and thus their love blossoms. He becomes more human which leads to changes among all the zombies. Not just another zombie flick after all… 98 min.





Shape of Water directed by Guillermo del Toro | Request Now

Shape of Water directed by Guillermo del ToroLonely, mute Elisa (Sally Hawkins) works mopping floors at a top-secret government lab circa the Cold War era. But once “the Asset” arrives her life takes a beautiful, yet dangerous turn. The Amphibian Man (Doug Jones) is the lab’s new acquisition to study and perform tests on. Elisa slowly engages with him by teaching him sign language, introducing him to music, and of course showing him kindness and love he has been denied while captive. This is a movie about demonizing the ‘Other’ but also overcoming indignities that no one should have to endure. Finding your perfect ‘Other’ in a world that seems so unforgiving. 123 min.




Supernova directed by Harry MacQueen | Request Now

Supernova directed by Harry MacQueenA sad but deeply moving film about the love between partners, Sam and Tusker, played by Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci respectively. We meet them on a trip across England where they reunite with friends and family. But we are also witness to what is Tusker’s memory loss, diagnosed as dementia. This trip is not just to meet old acquaintances but to share their love for each other and the people that Tusker may not be able to remember for much longer. It is a moving piece with outstanding acting that is superb in nuance. There are quiet moments between the characters, knowing that one of them eventually may not recall the other, which is more moving than any grand exposition could ever convey. 93 min.



If Beale Street Could Talk directed by Barry Jenkins | Request Now

If Beale Street Could Talk directed by Barry JenkinsOne of the most beautiful love stories ever written by James Baldwin is a poignant movie under Jenkins. Racism and injustice serve as center point to the lovers, Tish (KiKi Layne) and Fonny’s (Stephen James) lives. As their love grows, we see life’s cruelty seep into their lives when Fonny is wrongly convicted of a crime. But their love never falters no matter how much suffering they have to endure. Jenkins takes the characters from the start of their friendship as children all the way through his incarceration, with incredible realism and hope. 119 min.

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