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After Hours Concert: Timothy Monger State Park


Saturday September 9, 2023: 9:00pm to 10:30pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby


Timothy Monger State Park is a band from Ypsilanti, Michigan fronted by namesake, singer, and guitarist Timothy Monger. Tucked within their musical bouquet of melodic power pop and folk-rock are sprigs of jazz, psychedelia, and vintage soft rock. The six-piece group incorporates instruments like trumpet, violin, and flute into their layered arrangements which also place a strong emphasis on vocal harmonies. Along with music from their own Knight Errand EP, State Park's set draws heavily on material from Monger's solo catalog, including his newly released self-titled fourth album. 

Originally formed  in 2010, just as Monger's longtime group Great Lakes Myth Society was entering a prolonged hiatus, State Park's initial role was primarily that of a live band, gigging around the state with an occasionally rotating staff of seasoned musicians culled from Southeast Michigan's vibrant indie scene. By 2021, they had also established themselves as a studio band, recording their first project under the State Park banner. In addition to Monger, the band's lineup includes Carol Catherine (violin, percussion, vocals), Matt Collar (trumpet, guitar, vocals), Elly Daftuar (lead guitar, keyboards, flute, vocals), Serge van der Voo (bass), and Mary Fraser (drums).



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Thank you AADL for allowing for options the to hear Timothy
Monger State Park live at the library to or stream at home...AADL continues to be an AMAZING library!!