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A small rock lay outside in a garden. It was neglected; it wasn’t big enough to be used as a stepping stone or beautiful enough to be used as a decoration. For years, it sat there, feeling useless, unworthy, and diminutive.

One day, on a sunny morning, a turtle crawls by, looking for a spot to rest. The rock caught the turtle's eye. The turtle soon crawled up, basking in the sun. Soon, it settled in for a nap.

The rock was surprised. It didn’t know it was capable of providing such enjoyment. The turtle seemed content, and the rock was happy to be of use.

Over time, the turtle revisited.

As the days went by, more creatures came. Birds perched on it. Squirrels scurried up and down. Rabbits leaped around.

The rock had found a purpose. It had gone from a forgotten object to a beloved part of the garden. As time passed, the rock grew stronger, able to withstand the wear and tear of being climbed and played on. There will always be a day when somebody will notice you, even if you were constantly unappreciated and ignored.