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Super Search Four!

Imagine a word-search, but you've got to figure out the words, too! Meet the SUPER SEARCH!

In this hexagonal grid, there are 36 HIDDEN words (forwards, backwards, or diagonally) that fall under SIX categories. Circle the answers as you find them -- like with a traditional word-search, letters can be used in multiple words.

When you are finished, there will be NINE LETTERS that aren't used in any words, which, when written in order, will give you a FINAL CODE to enter to earn this badge!

Your SIX word categories (with SIX words each):

  • Birthstones
  • Breakfast Food & Drink
  • Things You Flip
  • African Countries
  • Indoor Sports
  • Reptiles

None of the answers are plural.

Learn more about how to solve these puzzles!

Here's a printer-friendly version! (You definitely want to print these puzzles, or stop by the library and we're happy to print them for you!)

Large hexagonal grid of letters


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Lest others be led astray, it seems a particular Russian yogurt drink is not part of the usual American breakfast!

Is the word "[redacted]" in one of the categories? What about "[redacted] ","[redacted]", or "[redacted]"?

Hi there! I redacted the words in your comment so that it doesn't spoil it for other players! This is the perfect instance to email for clarification.

(But, if you remember what words you typed, I can tell you that they are all in the puzzle. One is a breakfast food, and three are things you flip)

If you ended up with only 8 letters it means something went SLIGHTLY awry! (Did I just count the letters of the final code out using my fingers to double check? YOU BET I DID!)
Feel free to email with a picture of your puzzle grid (or a list of your words in each category) and we can help figure out what went sideways!

Notes from my solve: the breakfast foods are all fairly stereotypical US breakfast items, with the exception of one word which is the oddball out because its primarily an adjective. Several of the sports CAN be played inside, but aren't always. And several of the flipped things are flipped by only a subset of people, so if you find a word and don't know what category it belongs to ask yourself whether anyone ever flips it.

Found 7 "Things You Flip", but only 5 " Reptiles" and found the correct answer. What am I missing?

Hi there! It's totally possible to get the code while missing some words or finding words we didn't catch! BUT if you'd like to know the list of words we intended for you to find, feel free to send us what you have to and we can share some answers!! Congrats on getting your badge and thanks for playing! :)

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