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Super Search Five!

Imagine a word-search, but you've got to figure out the words, too! Meet the SUPER SEARCH!

In this hexagonal grid, there are 36 HIDDEN words (forwards, backwards, or diagonally) that fall under SIX categories. Circle the answers as you find them -- like with a traditional word-search, letters can be used in multiple words.

When you are finished, there will be SIX LETTERS that aren't used in any words, which, when written in order, will give you a FINAL CODE to enter to earn this badge!

Your SIX word categories (with SIX words each):

  • Classic Disney Characters
  • Shapes
  • Colleges/Universities in Michigan
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Insects
  • Things you lick

There is ONE plural answer because the WORD is part of a COMMON PHRASE, and remember that SOME product names (I'm looking at YOU chocolate bars!) end in an S. (For example, if "3 Musketeers" were in the puzzle, the S would definitely be a part of the word.)

Learn more about how to solve these puzzles!

Here's a printer-friendly version. (You definitely want to print these puzzles, or stop by the library and we're happy to print them for you!)

Large hexagonal grid of letters


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When I solved the puzzle, there was an extra letter (R) in there that’s not needed for the code.

There are several Erie colleges in Pennsylvania, but none in Michigan, so don't let that trip you up! I kept staring at that and thought I was going crazy. ;-D Great puzzles! These are a ton of fun!

Another challenging puzzle! I'm loving them!

A note to other solvers: there is a word that seems like it could be a shape (though it is a different shape altogether in the context of boxing), but I don't think it's supposed to be on the word list. Incidentally, all of its letters are used by other words, so hopefully it doesn't trip anyone up!

Not sure if this happened to anyone else, but I got the code and solved everything else normally with only having 5 insects. I had six for every other category, and again was able to solve it fine, but thought I might throw it out in case anyone else found the same thing :)

A few people have been combining TWO of our insects that happen to be right next to each other into ONE insect, and I bet that's the case with you! The good news, as you saw, it doesn't impact your final code!

I had the same problem and it drove me crazy that I couldn't find the missing one! I had never heard that term in the first place, only had heard a word that rhymed with the combined word.

The one plural we have (other than, of course, those chocolate bars that have names that you could interpret as plural) is indeed something lickable, and is part of a common phrase. If that doesn't clear things up for you, just email and we can talk about it a little less cryptically!

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