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Natto is a traditional (and delicious!) food from Japan known for its strong smell and taste. [To earn this badge, do a general catalog search for the word or words in all capitals.]

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The code is now showing up within the first 10 catalog returns when you search STEAMED. Sorry for the trouble!

Frustrating badge for kids. The codes are often not in the top 10 search results. Even when you use the clues and search only for books, the codes are often at the end of those 10 search results.

Hi there! This is a catalog badge! In order to earn it, you need to collect all the codes for this particular badge. Each badge is a little different, but for this one you'll notice some words in ALL CAPS in each of the clues. Search those words in our online catalog and click through the search results until you find a code hidden within an item record! The code will be in a red box BUT be sure you choose a code for THIS year (it will be marked "SummerGame2023)!!
I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!

Badge Series
Sticky Eaters 2023

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AADL Catalog
All Ages


⭐️ Standard 1 of out 4 difficulty

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