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Super Search Six!

Imagine a word-search, but you've got to figure out the words, too! Meet the SUPER SEARCH!

In this hexagonal grid, there are 36 HIDDEN words (forwards, backwards, or diagonally) that fall under SIX categories. Circle the answers as you find them -- like with a traditional word-search, letters can be used in multiple words.

When you are finished, there will be NINE LETTERS that aren't used in any words, which, when written in order, will give you a FINAL CODE to enter to earn this badge!

Your SIX word categories (with SIX words each):

  • Signs of the Zodiac (Oh YIKES!!! There's *one* ROARING sign that ending up sneaking into the puzzle twice! Where is its PRIDE?!?! Be sure the version of it you circle is one that appears horizontally. And if you already circled that DIAGONAL version, it won't mess with your final code, just make sure you circle the horizontal one, too!)
  • Countries in South America
  • Generation-One Pokemon
  • Units of Measurement
  • Vegetables
  • Something that Might be Brewing

None of the answers are plural. 

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Here's a printer-friendly version! (You definitely want to print these puzzles, or stop by the library and we're happy to print them for you!)

Large hexagonal grid of letters


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FYI, there is a zodiac sign that I found twice in this puzzle, which confused me for a bit because I had six found and stopped looking for them, but had a bundle of letters remaining at the end!

I'll admit, you have me PUZZLED! I've spent the last bit treating this grid as a wordsearch, and I can't find doubles-up of any of the zodiac signs without breaking the rules and making letters connect "point-to-point" rather than "edge-to-edge." If you don't mind, send an email of the double word you found (and WHERE you found it) to because now *I* could use a hint!

For categories that I don’t know, with many potential items in the category, with each item possibly having a long name, I do those last. Examples: Periodic Table of the Elements, Pokémon. If there were multiple such categories within the same puzzle, you might stump me. LOL.

Hi there! All the Pokémon you're looking for in this puzzle are the Gen-1 base form! Thanks for asking and thanks for playing!! :)

[EDIT: AHH! I was wrong here!! There is an evolved Pokemon in the list! So sorry for the misdirect here!!!!]

YOU'RE RIGHT!! I previously responded differently but I have since been reminded that one of the Pokemon IS a Gen-1 evolution! Sorry, I must have been DROWSY in my responding and not thinking properly!!!! I'm so sorry for the misdirect and nice catch!! :)

The ending 5 letters of one vegetable, reading in the other direction, spell what is technically a grass from which we make a food product, which is not itself a vegetable, per se.

I tried to be VERY careful to only choose vegetables that are TECHNICALLY vegetables, though I may have messed up! Definitely "ignore" the grass food product :)

(Also, isn't it a little WILD that we think of so many things as vegetables that are really FRUIT?!)

I was not loving the first couple puzzles, but now these have really grown on me and I'm looking forward to each new one. Thanks!

I am nearing the end of this one and I have two three-letter units of measurement (one elctric, one time) but only one slot left. It might help other players to know which one is intended?

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