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Super Search Ten!

Imagine a word-search, but you've got to figure out the words, too! Meet the SUPER SEARCH!

In this hexagonal grid, there are 36 HIDDEN words (forwards, backwards, or diagonally) that fall under SIX categories. Circle the answers as you find them -- like with a traditional word-search, letters can be used in multiple words.

When you are finished, there will be SEVEN letters that aren't used in any words, which, when written in order, will give you a FINAL CODE to enter to earn this badge!

Your SIX word categories (with SIX words each):

  • Parts of Speech
  • Central American Countries
  • Classical Composers (last name only)
  • Hand Tools
  • High School Classes
  • Birds without "bird" in their name

None of the answers are plural or abbreviations.

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Here's a printer-friendly version. (You definitely want to print these puzzles, or stop by the library and we're happy to print them for you!)

Large hexagonal grid of letters


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long live the super search! love these so much --- thank you so much for making and sharing them with us!!

I found a seventh high school class (or rather, a three-letter abbreviation of one). It doesn't affect the outcome of the puzzle, so it's kind of a bonus. It's right next to another three-letter high school class that could also be considered an abbreviation.

Is one of the subjects 3 letters beginning with an a? And is it contained in the name of a bird?

Is one of the hand-tools a palindrome? And I found seven possible high school classes. Should there be three three-letter classes?

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