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The lowly cassette tape and its forebears have been used to topple regimes and bootleg live concerts. Tapes have played a huge role in our culture, disseminating music and ideas in a pre-Internet world while changing how we listen to recorded audio. Enjoy this look back at magnetic tape and mind the head gap! [To find each code, first find the answer to the clue question. Then do a general catalog search using that answer.]

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Code 4 doesn't appear in the search until after 10 results unless you filter for CD - is it supposed to be that way?

Thank you for letting us know! Catalog items do sometimes shift, especially in the case when badges were written some time ago, as this one was. I hope players take note of your useful hint. We will keep checking on the code to make sure it doesn't drop much further. Thanks again and good luck with your badges!

I need help with code 3 when i google search What famous inventor and founder of an airplane company first brought the 8-track to a commercial market? The only things that come up are about the wright brothers.

You don't need to google that whole sentence - it's probably skewing your google results. Take a look at the wikipedia page for 8-track cartridges. The first picture on the wikipedia page has some info underneath it that will help you find the name of company that developed the commercial 8-track. The company name includes the last name of the person you're looking for. Search that last name in the catalog to find the code.

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