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MMMMM Real Monsters!

Your favorite Monster Pageant/Competition/REALITY EXPERIENCE is back and fiercer than ever! This year our monsters will face challenges testing their mettle, their cleverness, and their grit as they battle over the prize of a millennia: Monster Mansion! These monsters will put it all on the line to win a true American Dream: a house! You can find out all about what your favorite monsters are up to over at


Join us over the month of July as we winnow down our pool of monsters to find the most truly deserving, ruthless, and charming contestant. We will announce our final winner during our closing ceremony on August 4.  Each round of voting opens on Friday and closes the following Wednesday.


But wait, I hear you cry, how do I earn this badge? WELL. Each round of voting will have it's own weekly code. Show up and exercise your farts, er, votes to find the code! You also need to nab the codes from the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremonies because we love to celebrate our monsters!




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Will there be more details coming about how and/or where to access/attend this event? When is the opening ceremony?

Wait is the voting code the same as the opening ceremony code? When I voted, it said "Your code for this week is __" but that was the same as the opening ceremony code...

My device is blocking 3rd party cookies, I voted on the alternate site, will that get counted at a later time, because right now it just has the code for the beginning ceremonies recorded

Oh no! If we didn't know about Opening Ceremonies until this morning (7/1) we won't be able to get this badge?

I tried voting from an AADL Computer at WestGate & from my phone (iPhone), and had the same issue where when I voted it said "It looks like you're blocking third-party cookies and using an embedded poll. Try voting on the poll page here."

When I clicked the "here" and voted, my badge page didn't update. How can I fix this?

Hi there! It looks like your badge page is now updated! The code for voting is the same as the opening ceremony for this week, which you have!! Be sure to come back next Friday for a different vote and a different code!!! :)
Thanks for voting and thanks for playing!!!

I am also experiencing the same problem. After Wednesday, will it even be possible to get the code if the voting has closed?

Hi there! The code for this first week is the opening ceremony code, after which the voting codes will be posted on the Monster Madness page each week that voting is open. The Opening Ceremony code is still findable in the opening ceremony video.

Could we still get the code for the third week if we lost power and internet for half the week? I wanted to vote.

How did you finally make the voting part? We couldn't find any click bottom to vote for the Treant and the smile face. Thanks

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