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Oh no, look at all the FAKE FOOD and ERASERS in a messy pile! So many colors like PURPLE and RED and GREEN! There are so many mistakes these erasers could ERASE and would ERASE if we actually used them! 

You are searching for THREE things in the photo below and each answer is a GAME CODE to enter. 

image of colorful food and animal erasers on a bright green background (Game Codes: Crabs, Strawberries, Suns)


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Apparently S********* is a code from a different badge drop this year. I can't enter it in. Can you help me? Thanks!

Hi there! We updated the hint to make it more clear that you need to put the answer in as a PLURAL word (more than one). The word starts with S and ends with "ies". Hope that helps and thanks for playing! :)

Hi there! The codes are there for accessibility reasons, but we kept them together so people who don't want to use them and want to try to solve it without them can do so without stumbling on them. They are always in the same spot on each badge so either look there or avoid it depending on your preference! Thanks for playing!

wow this brings back memories! My middle school art teacher used to give out all sorts of fun erasers in class

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Spy Another Day 2023

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Look & Find
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