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Super Points-O-Habit

Play any Points-O-Matic mode each day for 10 days!!!

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Can someone clarify:
If I play different modes every day, does that count? Or does it have to be the same mode 10 days in a row?
Any (of the three) Points O Matic mode(s)
So can it be (News Sprinter July 1, then Review Reviewer on July 2, Super Serializer on July 3), then repeat four more times.
Or does it have to be the same mode 10 days in a row?
Any (particular) Points O Matic mode
(Review Reviewer July 1, Review Reviewer, July 2), repeat five more times?

I'm assuming that any habitual behavior counts, no matter which mode you choose each day but the phrasing can be read either way.

It's the total number of days during Summer Game on which you played any points-o-matic mode. They don't have to be in a row, and it doesn't matter which mode you play. Does that help?

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