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Ultra POM Player

Earn Points-O-Matic points (in any mode) 250 times to earn this badge! 

This badge has been awarded to 424 players

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I do 5 of each of the POM selections, so that's 15 times I do something. The news sprinter says that you're getting 6 points per each time you use it. My points for this badge only went up 15 points, not 40. Shouldn't the News Sprinter give me 30 points for 5 times, plus the single points for the 10 other times I did POM? Thanks for checking on this.

Hi Xris, I am not AADL staff, but my read of this badge is that you need to do X number of POM activities to get to the next milestone, rather than earn X number of points. Does that make sense?

Badge language:
“Earn Points-O-Matic points (in any mode) 100 times to earn this badge! “

That's right. This badge series counts the number of TIMES you receive points-o-matic points, not the points themselves, so you can play whatever mode you want, and make the same progress on this series. Thanks for asking!

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Contributor's Trophies 2023


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