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Are you ready for something better than grilled cheese? How about cheesy bread that's 9 centuries old? This bread has stood the test of time with so many regional varieties. [To find each code, first find the answer to the clue question. Then do a general catalog search using that answer. Some questions can be answered using the Wikipedia article Others can be answered doing a simple Google search.]

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Hi there, please refrain from posting answers to Summer Game questions. We just don't want to spoil the fun for other players who are still working through the puzzles. Help and encouragement are great, but please don't share answers or codes directly. Thanks!

I need help with code 4 i got Kvevri and i typed it in the catalog but I couldn’t get the code

The answer to the question starts with the letter "U". Once you know the answer to the question, use that to do a general catalog search. The code is among the first 10 search results. See the clue to help you. Good luck!

Sorry you are having trouble with this badge! I tried a catalog search just now and the Summer Game code definitely comes up within the first 10 results after searching for the capital of Georgia. I'm sure you are not searching for "Atlanta" but want to be sure. Good luck and thanks for playing the Summer Game!

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