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Depot Dam

This explorer badge takes you for a fun walk from Depot Street near Wheeler Park and the Train Station through a TUNNEL to Argo Dam! It’s a great way to watch people on the cascades from the Argo Livery without dealing with all the traffic and congestion in the Livery parking lot. Be on the lookout for killdeer, turtles, and other water birds in the dam area! If you don’t know what a killdeer is, we have a badge about them!  


Pro tips:

  • You will walk over the TOP of Argo Dam for this badge The TUNNEL under the tracks can sometimes fill with standing water so plan your visit when we haven’t had heavy rains.
  • Sunny - bring sunscreen & water! 

Walking distance: 

Approximately .8 of a mile total.


Open dawn to dusk



There is street parking nearby on Depot and near Amtrack: 


There is an AATA bus stop located three minutes away at Beakes and Summit. Wheeler Park is also located a few minutes' walk from the Amtrak Station ​located on Depot Street. Downtown Ann Arbor and the Blake Transit Center is about a 20 minute walk from Wheeler Park. ​  Check out TheRide​ Guide​​ for more details.


When you are on Depot, walk to the crosswalk at the corner of the park (Fifth Ave. and Depot) and across from the business called BBTA (it’s brick and has a PINEAPPLE over the doors). When you cross the street, you will see that you are right next to the parking lot for the AMTRAK station. Now take the sidewalk to the right of the BBTA building and follow it around the BACK of their building, and you will see a LONG walkway towards the tunnel, with the train tracks to your right.  YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH! Note the YELLOW signs warning you about occasional standing water (did it RAIN recently? See PRO TIPS above), and proceed with caution.



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We did it backwards from 5 to 1 since we didn't want to park off Wheeler Park area so parked at Argo Park! Lots of people here on the water!!! Can you have more Badges next year at City parks, rather than just storefronts since Kerrytown parking is hard to find?
My son and I love going to different city parks.
Thank you for the consideration!!
Bridget :)

We love the All around Town badges, they are more fun than sitting in front of the computer searching for the Badges! Please have more badges next year at Gallup Park, Leslie science center, Bird Hills Nature area, etc! It's great for people playing this to explore more parks! :)

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Arbor Explorer 2023

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