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Map Mayhem

Nobody loves really cool maps quite as much as the Library does, except for the county's GIS department!  Washtenaw County GIS (geographical information systems) offers extraordinarily useful maps, and they've created a special one for this year's Summer Game!!! Follow the link below to find Summer Game codes. Each code is hiding inside of a map pin at each of AADL's branches.

Can you find all five?  Follow THIS LINK to find out!

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Hi there! Sorry you ran into trouble! If you try zooming in the map usually stops loading. If you turn your phone sideways and get the screen to flip it'll be easier to find the codes. This badge is definitely harder to play using a small device (and we're sorry for that), but it should still be achievable if you're up for a challenge. That said though, if you're still running into trouble please let us know! We're happy to give you more of an assist.

Hi there! It's just a little bit tricky getting the code. Sounds like you've clicked on the library's property, but not the white and black book icon. It sometimes takes a few tries, but you should see the code if you click on the book. Please try again, and let us know if you keep running into trouble!

Hi there! Sorry you ran into trouble with this badge. Looks like the link is working, but you may have to zoom in a little to get the page to get the 'loading' message to disappear. Sending you an email with another assist just in case you need it, so feel free to check your inbox if you need more of a leg up.

Hi there! The codes are hidden on the map, so you'd have to look for each library branch. Libraries have a black and white book icon that you can click on. Please feel free to try again, but check your inbox if you continue to have trouble with this one! You'll find an email with more of an assist.

For the Mallett's Creek hint, I think you mean "where Packard merges with Eisenhower" (as opposed to Packard merging with Stadium).

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