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Scout Barton Dam

This week we’re heading to Barton Nature Area on Huron River Drive to visit ANOTHER dam in town!  Barton Nature Area is a 98-acre park located along the Huron River, a few miles north of downtown. 

Barton Nature Area provides access to Barton Pond if you walk up on top of Barton Dam where you can walk along the earthen embankment on the City side to find a path, green space, and benches. Popular for sunsets, photography, fishing, birding, a scenic stroll or to get a big dose of nature, the Huron River is quite wide as it pools before the dam.  Barton Pond provides 85 percent of our Ann Arbor drinking water.


Pro tips:

  • Sunny - bring sunscreen & water! 

Walking distance

Approximately .5 of a mile total.


Open 6 a.m.-10 p.m. 


Driving? The main entrance with parking is located to the north of the park at 1010 W. Huron River Drive, just northeast of Bird Road.


Park in the lot and as you get to the main gravel path notice the LARGE, white sign on the chainlink fence that says BARTON PUMP STATION VALVE at the top. The two words underneath are your first game code.



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Does anyone know if Barton dam area was affected by the recent storms? I know they were telling people to stay away from the huron river for a little while due to down power lines. I wanted to ask before going over there and potentially finding it closed to the public.

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