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County Charm

We’re heading to County Farm Park on Platt Road, right off Washtenaw Avenue. County Farm Park is located on the east side of the City of Ann Arbor. County Farm Park includes a playground, trails, a parkour exercise trail, a woods area, rentable pavilions, and perennial gardens, and is home to Project Grow Gardens too! 

Pro tips:

  • Sunny - bring sunscreen & water! 

Walking distance

Approximately .4 of a mile total.

HOURS Dawn to Dusk


Driving? The address is 2230 Platt Road, Ann Arbor. There is a parking lot right off of Platt.

Busing? There are AATA bus stops on Washtenaw Avenue. You will have to walk from Washtenaw to the park entrance on Platt. Route 4 is the one that stops closest. Check out The Ride for more details. 


Once you have parked your car, enter under the welcome ARCH that says County Farm Park. Walk up the path towards the playground and the pavilion, and look for the WOODEN sign that says CELEBRATING 50 YEARS on the top. Locate the sign that includes PUZZLE pieces in different colors and says “Welcome to County Farm Park." Locate the PURPLE piece on the sign - the three words in black that describe the purple piece are your code.



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