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There is a MONSTER at the end of this badge. You probably shouldn't even THINK about following the CLUES to find your CODES because then you are just getting CLOSER to the MONSTER!!!!

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I'm sorry you didn't find the hint helpful! Try googling "sesame street character who loves triangles" if you still need a hand figuring out the name you should search in the catalog. (Or SHOULDN'T search if you're listening to the badge's narrator :D)

I'm struggling to figure out the character described in the third clue. Any other hints you can share please? Thank you!

Nope! The MONSTER (shhh, don't reveal it to the badge narrator) that is your code for #3 has a little sister named Flossie. That information, combined with a google search, should get you his name!

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Nope! Trying googling "sesame street monster sister Flossie" and you should find the name of the one you're looking for!

I can’t because I need an app on my ipad that I don’t have and I can’t download it because my iPad is to old

I know it's mentioned in a comment above, but if you Google "sesame street monster sister Flossie" you can see what monster (named H****) has a baby sister named Flossie. Then search that 5-letter name in the catalog, and you'll find your code in one of the first ten results!

No, but I redacted it because you're VERY close. (In fact, only the third letter is incorrect). Remember that the name SOUNDS the same as a word used to describe his fur, and it also SOUNDS the same as a common men's name, but it is spelled differently.

Whoever created this badge, you absolutely nailed the style of the original book! The writing is absolutely delightful!

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Creature Feature 2023

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Web Search
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⭐️⭐️⭐️ Super Tricky 3 of out 4 difficulty

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