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The Snuggle is Real

We all know what makes a great library-- its STAFF! We also know what makes a staff great-- THEIR PETS!?!?! Well... that CAN and SHOULD be debated, but it's about time we stop fooling around and give the public what they REALLY want...


Finding just the right spot . . . pitching the perfect pose . . . doing it for HOURS at a time?!? The SNUGGLE is REAL, y'all, and we can't help sharing a few pics to prove how ruff it is being a snuggly fur baby. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten something very important... YOUR CODE! You may notice a code hidden about in the pet pictures below... however, you may have to peruse the pets carefully to find WHICH picture has your code!!....... You may even need to click on the images for a larger version!

closeup image of tabby cat with paws outstretched on blanket

Arthur (above)
"He's almost 5 years old and his favorite activities include cuddling, head-butting, and standing directly in front of me while I play video games."
AADL Human Friend: Emily

image of two dogs cuddled up on blue blanket

Jack & Georgia (above)
"Jack is 11 and Georgia is 13." (Jack is also featured in the Week 2 badge Show Some Teef)
AADL Human Friend: Eli

image closeup of black cat tucked up on a bedspread

Monster (above)
"He is a 2 year old, 13lb black cat. He loves chirping at birds, chewing on plastic, and demanding cuddles at all hours of the day."
AADL Human Friend: Rose

image of a black and white cat (with black nose) relaxing on a bed.

Ninja (above)
"Ninja is very stealthy and 11 years old. She has a black tip on her nose and a white tip on her tail. She prefers being left alone but appreciates pats on the head."
AADL Human Friend: Beth

image of two cats snuggling on a bright green bedspread

Oliver & Merlin (above)
"Oliver is white with orange and 15 years old; loves to eat; loves the outdoors; tolerates Merlin; carries toy mice upstairs while howling. Merlin is the brown marbled tabby, 13 years old; very friendly; loves to eat; requests head baths from Oliver."
AADL Human Friend: Amy

image of white and striped cat with its head poking out of some bed covers. (Game Code: BlanketClaws)

Oliver (above) ((and not the same Oliver as the previous pic!!))
“Oliver is 11 years old. He has a sister named Nomi and a new friend named Morel. He enjoys being tucked into blankets, eating, and having supervised visits in the yard."
AADL Human Friend: Elizabeth

image of two tabby kittens curled up together in a cat tower

Sarge & Penny (above)
"Sarge and Penny are new to the world and already know how to hunt bugs, love wrestling, and excel at knocking out the wifi. Sarge likes booping noses with dogs. Penny has multicolored toe beans and we can't get over it."
AADL Human Friend: Sara

image of a black and white cat and brown and black cat snuggling by a sunny window

Simon & Sheila (above)
"Meet Simon and Shelia C, bro & sis. They are now 4yrs old and still possess high amounts of playful energy. Simon is also known as Mr. Personality and Mr. Runaround (he's quite accomplished at parkour). We interchangeably refer to them as "Goofballs McSquealakitty."
AADL Human Friend: Heidi

image of three different-colored tabby cats on a white and grey bedspread with quilted cats.

Tabitha, Taro, & Mochi (above)
AADL Human Friend: Megan

image of grey cat, black cat, and brown tabby cat all curled in same position on a blue blanket

Tully, Raistlin, & Leota (above)
"Tully is the tabby. Leota is the gray cat. Raistlin is the black cat. Leota and Raistlin are twins and will be a year old at the end of May. Tully is their (adopted) big sister who has taken them under her paw and taught them all the things that a cat should know."
AADL Human Friend: Crysta

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Please make this badge series an AADL Summer Game tradition! I love it so much, it's the best! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Hi there! The code is hidden in a picture of ONE cat! Focus your sights on some bedsheets! Good luck and thanks for playing!!! :)

Thanks for the suggestion! We've forwarded it along to the team in charge of tools and games selection. If you have more ideas, please feel free to send in a title suggestion at :D

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