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Island Idyll

Let’s head to the tiny little island you may or may not have known existed in town! Island Park is home to a lovely little Greek-revival structure that was built in 1905 and can be rented for weddings or other events. Island Park has a playground, swings, bridges, canoe art, picnic tables, grills, and two pavilions available to rent. 

Pro tips:

  • Sunny - bring sunscreen & water! 

Walking distance

Approximately .32 of a mile total.


Open 6 a.m.-midnight with quiet hours beginning at 10 p.m.



Island Park is located off Maiden Lane at 1420 Island Park Drive​.  There are two parking areas near each shelter


There are two bus stops a few minutes walking distance.  One on Maiden Lane (Fuller & Maiden) and the other in front of the Fuller Park pool Fuller & Fuller Park  (walk through Fuller Park). Visit The Ride for routes and schedule details.


Start your search at the first BRIDGE over to Island Park located near to the first, and SMALLER of the two shelters on Island Drive. When you approach the bridge locate the sign to the LEFT that says “DID YOU KNOW?” at the top. Look at the text in the upper LEFT area of the sign and locate the text in RED. Just below that the blue text mentions TWO animals that are often found on the banks of the river. The two animals are your next game code (in the order they are listed on the sign). 



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