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Badge Drop #5: SEW PUMPED

by SaraP

Here we are after a solid four weeks of Summer Game and we’ve GOT to hand it to you—you’re a bunch of LOCAL LEGENDS!! We’re starting to SENSE your idea of HEAVEN is an endless pile of CROSSWORDS, CHICKENS, TOYS and maybe . . . just maybe . . . POINTS!!! You even love POINTS-O-MATIC despite us having to give it a few swift KICKS lately. And give it a few good kicks we did, because we’ve added some badges to reward all you POM Players with good HABITS!!! Let’s face it, though, we haven’t exactly taken a MUTED approach this year, despite the fact that this is NOT a HIGH SKATES game. SEW it should come as no surprise that we’re SUPER PUMPED to PAWS here and announce an IDYLL mid-game update: you may now participate (or not, if you don’t want to!) in the following MAYHEM:

- The shop is NOW OPEN and taking orders!
- FUN FACT: Nothing will run out of stock, so order any time all summer long.
- Choose up to 4 items and spend any year’s points!
- These prizes are ALL the prizes available this year.

Aha! The moment you’ve all been waiting for…the return of LAWN & LIBRARY CODES! 

What they are
Starting NOW, you can create your very own code to display either on a Lawn Code Sign OR on a Library Code Card. Lawn Code Signs are special lawn signs (which we provide) that you place next to your sidewalk, street, or parking lot. We have new, truly reusable lawn signs this year, so if you have one from last year, you can drop it off at any AADL location for recycling and PICK UP A BRAND NEW SIGN for your 2023 CODE! 

Library Code Cards are special mini code signs (which we also provide) that get zip-tied to one of our five adorable Summer Game Stops. What is a Summer Game Stop, you ask? It's an SG sign on a perforated pole outside each branch - kind of like a bus stop sign, or a train stop sign, or just a stop sign, BUT FOR FINDING CODES :D

How they work
1. FIRST pick up a Lawn Code Sign OR Library Code Card from any AADL location BEFORE you register your code online…
2. THEN create the code by going to, selecting the My Players quick link, and scrolling to “Player Details”. Click the link to "Create a Lawn or Library Code" and follow the directions.
3. Write the code legibly in ALLCAPS on your sign/card.
4. Put it up in your lawn or on one of our Summer Game Stops! 
5. You have until August 13th to create a code, to give players a chance to happen upon them before the game ends.
6. Use the Summer Game Map to get started with Summer Game Stop locations and, back by popular demand, Lawn Code pins (with updates coming soon)!
7. BIG NOTE: It’s not like Pokemon - even with map pins, you will still NOT BE ABLE TO CATCH ‘EM ALL!!! And we promise that it’s gonna be okay if you miss a few, or a BUNDLE, or decide you’ll be too STINKY if you traipse around the whole town SCOUTing every last Lawn Code in this heat (which is true) and so you don’t even want to bother—there will be far too many to COUNTY either way!!! So relax and have fun as you vaguely plot out, or simply stumble upon, these CHARMing little surprises throughout the community!!! :D


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The Summer Game DEPOT . . . er Headquarters . . . is fully stocked and ready for you!! As always, THANKS for PLAYING!!!


I, uh, actually did get all of the signs one year; it was a WILD ride. Combined with the parks badges, boy do we now know our way around the city!

I'm so glad that the map is back this year. It was so much fun biking around Ann Arbor collecting codes people put up. I didn't really do it last year though because there was no map, but it seems like it's something I'll be enjoying this year! It's also good to see that people can opt in/out of having their code appear on the map, which is good for privacy.

We heard a lot about the map pins so we wanted to try bringing them back. Hopefully it won't lead to any recurrence of determined players knocking on doors or looking in windows when they can't find a code...

As for me on the map, no app can track me! But you can find out where to find me at anytime.

Do the lawn code pins disappear from the map once we've put their codes in? If not, could that feature be added please? - it would help filter for new codes we haven't found yet.

Hi there, we'll have a way to see the new pins soon, but we won't be filtering out ones your player has redeemed, sorry. We don't want to give the impression it's a goal of the game to get all of them!

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