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Badge Drop #6: HALFWAY THERE!

Fri, 07/14/2023 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

It’s your SG SPOKESWOMAN here with a very important announcement… 

While it may feel like the Summer Game is IMMORTAL, the Summer Game is actually HALFWAY over!!! But do not fret, dear player, we still have well over a month of Summer Game left which is over an ENTIRE LIFETIME of a house fly!!! 

So you can SNUGGLE up with your CAT at NIGHT and sleep well knowing that you still have plenty of time to earn badges, collect Lawn & Library Codes, attend Library events, and spend your sweet points in the SUMMER GAME SHOP! 

ALSO as an additional little treat for you, the Summer Game Map has received a SUPER new feature that will allow you to KEEPER tabs on new Lawn Codes as they are created!!! Because we don’t want you SNUGGLING too hard to find codes out in the wild. And the MORE YOU SNOW, the easier it is!!!

But for now, we’re letting GOOSE some badges for you and we BET you’re gonna love ‘em!!!


Cats All Folks Untitled Goose BadgeMALLOW-DRAMATICThe More You SnowKids Crossword #6Chicken Goes to School 6The Snuggle is RealLight Up the NightImmortal Keeper SPOKESWOMANChallah BackHedge Your BetsCrossword 6Super Search Six!


Be sure to give us a CHALLAH if you need anything at all and, as per usual, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!! 


Thanks for the new features on the map! Will you be adding the past feature that indicated which lawn codes you've already found?
And we've been waiting patiently for lawn code badges....

Hi there! Getting all the codes is not a design goal of the Summer Game. Last time we offered a view of which lawn codes players hadn’t yet found, it led to unacceptable risk taking by players and conflict with residents. So that feature won’t be coming back. Instead, now you can easily see the newest codes or check neighborhoods for codes that have appeared over a given time period. That should help you dedicated code seekers, but that’s as far as we will be going! We just can’t risk a repeat of what happens when highly motivated players are trying to find one last code. Sorry!

As for lawn code badges… we have an idea… not sure it will come together for this summer… but stay tuned to find out!

Not related to summer game but the libraries need to upgrade their Minecraft launcher on the public computers... Can't log in at all and doesn't support a Microsoft account login.

I may be speaking for myself Bedrock is soooooo much better than Java which is what the computers are using.

Hi there, thanks for asking about this, but we're not able to run Bedrock on our computers. While there are unofficial launchers, Bedrock is not officially supported on Linux, and we're not able to run unsupported software on public computers. Sorry about that!

I would just open a website to play it like but the browser runs slowly so if I'm going to play anything like that I would rather it be downloaded (virus free)

We can upgrade Java eventually, but it's not a priority at this point while we're busy with summer game and other projects. If you'd like to talk about public computing at the library, the best thing to do is use and I can talk with you there! Sorry the games you want to play don't work that well on our computers.

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