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Fairy Door Findings

The mischievous fairies HOARD all the lovely TREASURES that are left for them at the Downtown Library’s FAIRY DOOR! So many PENNIES, ribbons, BEADS, bowls, NOTES, and BAUBLES are left at the Fairy Door that it’s hard to stay TIDY!

You are searching for THREE things in the photo below, and each answer is a game code to enter.

image of colorful trinkets with fairy-themed photos and objects. (Game Codes: Shells, Bells, Hearts)

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The color may look more GREEN than yellow when it's in a BLUE dish, but it is YELLOW. It's the SHAPE of the bead that needs to match the PINK shape nearby that gives you the answer. You can also SCOUR all of the edges of the image for help if you are STUCK. Thanks for playing!

Are the codes supposed to be written on the photo? I can see the three codes in the photo, written out on the side.

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