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A2ZERO Adventure

The City of Ann Arbor is committed to creating a healthy environment for all of its citizens. Wouldn’t you like to learn about the many ways the city is making Ann Arbor sustainable? We invite you to take part in the A2ZERO Web Adventure, where you will explore the Office of Sustainability and Innovation website to find out about all of the super cool initiatives going on in the city that help our community stay green, healthy, and sustainable.

Click HERE to learn more about the A2ZERO initiative and read their monthly newsletters. 

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I need help with the last one I don't know were to go. I found to learn more (in little letters) and then it had three links under it. Could someone help me?

Heads up- the link in the 4th clue took me back to the page from the 1st clue. I googled "A2 Zero's Electrification Expo" and go to the page from

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