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Zero Waste Odyssey

Brought to you by Zero Waste, the Zero Waste Catalog Odyssey badge will be earned by those ready to delve into the AADL catalog, and learn about particularly illuminating titles pertaining to the care and welfare of our beloved home, Earth. 

Zero Waste is a local organization focused on building community around zero waste solutions and helping people become champions for zero waste in their homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and houses of worship.

They focus on building habits and systems that eliminate the need to produce items that will end up in landfill, incinerated, or dumped into our oceans and waterways.


Click HERE to learn more about Zero Waste, then follow the clues below to uncover hidden gems in our catalog.


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I started the badge and got the first two codes. However, even though it is showing that I correctly got the second code, it hasn't unlocked the clue for the third (and it didn't show that clue when it gave me the points). Thanks in advance for any assistance!

We had to make an update to that second clue/code after it went live. However, we fixed things so that anyone who played the badge before the update, ended up with the right 2nd code and points. It looks all the players in above comments have earned the badge from what we're seeing on the backend, so try refreshing your page! If you're still having issues, please use to send additional info and we'll figure it out! :)

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Partner 2023

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