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Badge Drop #7: We're in SEVEN

by SaraP

It’s true! Mid-July is when we’re really in SEVEN here at SG Headquarters. WHY??? Because EVERYTHING is up and running and open for business. Also, we’re literally embarking on week 7 of the game. Anyway, the Lawn & Library Code FAIRLY (you!) has been sprinkling shiny new codes all over town quicker than street PARKing disappears during art fair and it’s FESTIVE as heck!!! WHAT’S MORE, the shop has been open for two weeks and players have WASTED ZERO time in ordering library POSSESSIONS that are bound to be ALL THE RAVE!!! It’s the ULTIMATE mid-summer season when we’ve hit our groove and aren’t yet worried about SCHOOL, or how much time is left until the END of this thing, and we still have NO EGRETS (I mean, do we ever?). So, how can we celebrate the perfection that is Week 7??? With a CUTE little badge drop full of ADVENTURE and HUGS and all KINDS of TINY delights (and codes)!!!!

It’s time to don your summer UNIFURM (an AADL t-shirt, no doubt) and prepare for a LAP around town and/or the internet to SEARCH for this week’s codes!


Park InspectorNo EgretsChew of a KindFairly FestiveKids Crossword #7Chicken Goes to School 7In UnifurmCute as a ButtonAll the RaveWorldly PossessionBagels Are EverythingGen X HugAt the End of This BadgeCrossword 7Super Search Seven!Lap 2A2ZERO AdventureZero Waste OdysseyUltimate TrophyI MADE A MOVIE


Feel free to CHEWS whichever badges you want. And, as always, THANKS for PLAYING!!!


Will you guys make it so the codes map has an option to only display the codes you don't have yet? I really
appreciated that feature in the past!

Great question! Getting all the codes is not a design goal of the Summer Game. Last time we offered a view of which lawn codes players hadn’t yet found, it led to unacceptable risk-taking by players and conflict with residents. So that feature won’t be coming back. Instead, we're trying out the new color-coded pins that let you easily see the newest codes or check neighborhoods for codes that have appeared over a given time period. That should help you dedicated code seekers, but that’s as far as we will be going! We just can’t risk a repeat of what happens when highly motivated players are trying to find one last code. Sorry! Thanks for playing!!

I'm kinda missing the second half park badges like there was last year. You are doing a great job, just wanted to let you know.

Where’s the graphic T-shirt you guys usually have!?
Did I miss an announcement or something? Because it isn’t in the shop and I’ve heard nothing about? I have the 2021 and 2022 shirt but no 2023 shirt!!!!

Hi there! multi-color printing has gotten too expensive, and the summer game has gotten too big, for us to be able to offer unlimited free multi-color screen print shirts. However, stay tuned, as we're working on a way you can have some of this year's art on a shirt in a special post-summer-game activity. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

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