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The Dog Rays of Summer

We all know what makes a great library-- its STAFF! We also know what makes a staff great-- THEIR PETS!?!?! Well... that CAN and SHOULD be debated, but it's about time we stop fooling around and give the public what they REALLY want...


Sun's out, TONGUE'S OUT!!!! We're looking on the SUNNY SIDE this week and featuring staff pets that are living their best lives and BEAMING with joy!! But don't worry, we haven't gotten too caught up in all the SUNNY VIBES to forget something very important... YOUR CODE! You may notice a code hidden about in the pet pictures below... however, you may have to peruse the pets carefully to find WHICH picture has your code!!....... You may even need to click on the images for a larger version! 

image of orange cat laying in sun rays


Toma (above) 
AADL Human Friend: Bryan

image of dog, Buster, outside


Buster (above)
"He's a 12-year-old Havanese who everyone mistakes for a puppy. He has the worst smelling breath in the world and is the most anxious-but-cuddly dog I have ever met."
AADL Human Friend: Nate

image if the dog, Mika, outside enjoying the sun


Mika (above) 
"Mika is a 7 year old husky dog!"
AADL Human Friend: Megan


image of the dog, Eska, by some flowers in bloom

Eska (above)
AADL Human Friend: Margaret

image of puppy, Casper, outside

Casper (above)
AADL Human Friend: LizaJane


image of the dog, Libby, sitting in sun rays


Libby (above)
AADL Human Friend: Laurie

image of two dogs, Liam and Niall, hiking in the woods


Sir Niall & Sir Liam (above)
"Niall (on the left, tan coloring) is a soccer superstar and loves being outside. Liam (on the right, black & white coloring) always wants to know what's happening next and will there be snacks."
AADL Human Friend: Heidi

image of puppy, Jasper, on an outdoor deck


Jasper (above)
"Jasper is 13 weeks old and loves chewing on any and everything. He enjoys long walks in the woods, watching squirrels, and ripping up grass."
AADL Human Friend: Anna 

image of the dog, Petunia, on the beach (gamecode: BASKINTHEPUN)


Petunia (above)
AADL Human Friend: Jackie

image of the dog, Ella, in the lawn

Ella (above)
"Ella is 9 years old!"
AADL Human Friend: Kathy

image of the dog, Ivy, outside

Ivy (above)
"Ivy is 8 years old!"
AADL Human Friend: Kim

image of the cat, Simon, in some sun rays

Simon (above)
"The warrior and protector of the household, his favorite game is toy mouse volleyball."
AADL Human Friend: Pat

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The beach picture of Petunia is my favorite! Outside pics are beautiful, especially of the beach! This staff member is a great photographer!

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