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Cosmic Cthuhlu

In 1923 the author H.P. LOVECRAFT wrote a story called "The Call of Cthulhu.” It was published in a PULP magazine called WEIRD TALES. 

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There is a country mentioned in the "Politics" sections of the wikipedia page I mentioned earlier. Search that country with the word "President" in the catalog for your code!

It is not parody! Your search should be "[Country Name] President". The country starts with P, is 6 letters long, and ends with a D!
I hope that helps and thanks for playing!

We found the city with the information giving but the catalog does not show any island name. Are we looking for another city name? Thanks

I need help with code four because I found the island and the INSECT but when I searched both of them up it had no results.

Sorry, I searched up the wrong thing but now I can’t find the island even though it’s in supposed to be in the science section.

The second clue is poorly worded. It asks for the name of the underwater city. I searched and it code was not in any of the 3 results. The hint asks for the name of the island it is below. I searched that and got no results.

Hi there! So if you just put the city name (starts with an "R") in the catalog it IS in one of those results - just checked again. The hint is telling you how to locate the item on the wikipedia page you are not searching for an island. Thanks for playing!

The clue for code 3 is a little misleading. The last sentence says "and search the catalog for those two things to locate a code both splendid and vile!" so I expected the code to be under the book "The Splendid and the Vile" which is one of the results when you enter the correct search terms. I found the code in another item but wondered why you would reference the splendid and vile at all.

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