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Badge Drop #8: EIGHT Days a Week (but one is SPECTACULAR)

by ohheyitselle


Tomorrow– YES, TOMORROW is the one, the only… SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR!!  

Are you looking to have an absolute HOOT of a time with plenty of SWEET code FINDINGS in fields of FLUFFY, plush GRASS?? Or maybe you want to try out some of the brand new stuff this year like a bubble station, putt-putt golf, and a stomp rocket station?!! 

Well then, you’d better RUN FAST (or bike... or bus... or drive... or pogo stick) to the SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR and VICTORY will be yours!!  The SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR is basically perfect with little-to-no TOMB FOR IMPROVEMENT!! Why, it’s so out of this world, some may even call it COSMIC!!!!! 

The SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR is clearly the MAIN ATTRACTION this week!!! Yep. Nothing else to see here so THANKS FOR PLAYING!!


…Oh wait. There’s a badge drop too, I GUESS. ;)


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THAT’S A WRAP for this badge drop and we hope to see you tomorrow!!! And once again, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!!

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