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LEGO 2023

Join us for the 18th Annual LEGO Contest at the Sheraton Hotel (on Boardwalk off State) from 4-6 PM on Sunday, August 6, and see awesome LEGO projects created by preschoolers, kids, teens, families, and adults!  Full details here.

To get this badge find the game code near the Library's Welcome Table and then for more points find all 8 of the game codes posted in the Ballroom and the Lobby at the Sheraton Hotel Michigan Room. BONUS: Players who ENTER the contest will get a game code!  And the winners also get a very high-point value game code too!  

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I still haven’t gotten the winners code for getting the 3-5 school spirit award for my lego creation Winning Dunk

My daughter won Most Creative in the 6-8 grade division for "Mew Jersey" and she didn't receive a code either

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