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It's A-Maize-Ing

Corn mazes have to be one of the WEIRDEST maze ideas in history! Let's plant a bunch of corn... and then mow pathways through it so people get lost... and maybe if you can get a picture from the sky it will look like a cool design... WHAT?! Well, that's basically what corn mazes are and we're going to learn a bit more about these wacky autumnal endeavors in today's badge!

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Try googling "annville corn maze" or "lebanon valley college" (in the same place) to find out which STATE it is located in. Then search the catalog for the state. When you are looking at results, be sure to pay attention to which badge a code is from, because there is one from 2020 hiding in one of the first results—keep scrolling to find the one for this badge!! Send us a message at if you need more assistance. Thanks!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️ Super Tricky 3 of out 4 difficulty

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