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Kimpossible Jumps

Snowboarding first DEBUTED as an Olympic sport in 1998 in Nagano, Japan.  There were MALE and FEMALE gold medal winners that year.  Interestingly it turns out that the ORIGINS of snowboarding are in MICHIGAN.  In 1965 a man named Sherman Poppen was working as an ENGINEER in MUSKEGON when invented a COMBO snow and surfboard called a SNURFER.


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I need help with the last code the brand is Snowsports but it doesn’t come up in the catalog

Hello, I am stuck on clue number 4 I have googled the city’s name several times in different ways and it still keeps saying code not recognize I have also search the catalog and it doesn’t have a lot of search results. Please help.

Hello! You want to be searching the catalog for the city name and you will find it on one of the books that comes up in the search. Many books come up when you have the correct city and it will be in one of the books in the first 10 results. Thanks for playing!

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Hi there! If you google, "2002 olympics city" the answer will be clear! Search the catalog for that city and your code is hidden in the first 10 search results! I hope that helps and thanks for playing!! :)

The first question is confusing me. I found the answer, and I searched it up in the catalog and I couldn’t find it…

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