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Badge Drop #9: Embrace the LEGO!

by SaraP

Hello players! It’s August 4th and you know what that means, right?! We still have a whole TWENTY-FOUR DAYS of Summer Game to play!!! So SHUFFLE those calendars, round up those KIDS, and get ready to SAMPLE seventeen all new badges!! But please don’t actually rearrange your calendars. Unless of course it’s for the RETURN of one of our favorite events of the year: the 18th Annual LEGO Contest!!! It seems KIMPOSSIBLE to imagine a world in which our SUPER fans need extra motivation to EMBRACE a Sunday of brick-based competition, but we made a badge for that (just in case). So, RACE on over to the Sheraton Hotel on Sunday 8/6 to enter your creations and nab some codes!

Another GOOEY little fact for you: players have until August 13th to create LAWN CODES. So if you want to give back to your community by giving away points, it’s time to get your ACT together, friends!! On the other hand, we totally understand if you’d rather CAMP out on your lawn with a chilled can of sparkling water and an equally chill mixTAPE to enjoy the DOG RAYS of SUMMER *without* 10,000 people slowly cruising by your residence writing down that code. OH WAIT! That’s one of the many reasons we have LIBRARY CODES!!!! You’ve got until August 13th to make LIBRARY CODES, too.

But, wait! What’s that?! We hear a buzzing—a promising HUM! It must be the engines at SG Headquarters gearing up for . . . THE BADGE DROP . . .


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Say hi to CHICKEN for us! And THANKS for PLAYING!!!

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