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All Pretz are Off!

Bready or not, it's time to bend . . . into a pretzel, of course!

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You'll want to look at that Wikipedia page we shared in the first clue (

From there, scroll all the way down until you see the US state that clue four mentions. Beneath it, in slightly smaller print, you'll see the nickname they sometimes use for this area. Leave off the "pretzel" and just search for the four-letter word that's after it in the catalog.

On the wikipedia page, find the section header for Pennsylvania and look RIGHT UNDERNEATH IT at the part that says "see also . . . " It's right there! A four letter word that starts with B. Once you find it, search that one word in the catalog. Good luck!

Hi Gamera,
It seems like you're having some trouble with this one even with a few hints on where to find the answer so we're going to email you to help you along in getting this code. Be on the lookout! :)

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Are You Bready to Crumble? 2023

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