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Purrfectly Pensive

We all know what makes a great library—its STAFF! We also know what makes a staff great—THEIR PETS!?!?! Well . . . that CAN and SHOULD be debated, but it's about time we stop fooling around and give the public what they REALLY want . . .


Sometimes being the purrfect pet requires a degree of wisdom and a little paws for thought. Our staff pets don't take this duty lightly. As you can see, our soul mates are deep in thought this week. What they are debating, we may never know. Now, don't worry, we haven't forgotten something very important . . . YOUR CODE! You may notice a code hidden about in the pet pictures below . . . however, you may have to look through the pets carefully to find WHICH picture has your code!! You may even need to click on the images for a larger version!

image of calico cat sitting calmly and looking to the left

Callie (above)
AADL Human Friend: Bryant

image of chocolate lab with graying snout sitting in front of a brown couch

Nora (above)
"Our 14 year old chocolate lab."
AADL Human Friend: Amanda

image of large tabby sitting on bed linens looking directly into camera

Gordon (above)
"The king, his favorite game is second (and third) dinner."
AADL Human Friend: Pat

image of a black and white dog near water, looking up into the camera

Loki (above)
"He is . . . not so smart, but very enthusiastic and loves snuggles and cuddles. His favorite place to lie down is on top of Mystic and sometimes she even tolerates him doing so." (Mystic is also featured in this badge—keep scrolling!)
AADL Human Friend: Eric

image closeup of the face of a long-haired cat with grayish tortoiseshell fur and turquoise eyes

Miss Ash (above)
"The fluffiest and sweetest of cats. She's never found a person she didn't want to have scratch her chin or a box she didn't want to curl up inside. During Summer Game, Ash will be turning 15 years old!"
AADL Human Friend: Eileen

image of a white and calico cat near a snowy fence looking into the distance

Morel (above) 
“I found him in the woods while mushroom hunting. He is around 3 years old and loves to nap, watch birds, and try to escape into the yard."
AADL Human Friend: Elizabeth

image of a scruffy black dog sitting on the back of a boat with water in the background

Mystic (above)
"She is 6, very smart, and gets very excited whenever she sees any other animal who dares to be outside when she is stuck inside. She loves to go for boat rides but is scared of loud noises, like thunderstorms, fireworks, and snow falling off the roof."
AADL Human Friend: Eric

image of a sleek black cat lounging on a sidewalk

Oliver (above)
"Oliver is soft, calm, and beautiful. While his little brother Queso zooms around the house, Ollie catches up on his zzz's in an all-day nap." (You can find Oliver and Queso together in the Buddy System badge!)
AADL Human Friend: Sam

image of a tan and brown speckled snake being held in a person's hands (Summer Game Code: LossstInThought)

Poppy (above)
AADL Human Friend: Aurora

image of a black and white cat's face and paws on a colorful rug and wood floor

Princess Snow Kitty (above)
AADL Human Friend: Christopher

image of orange and white tabby sitting on a window sill looking rather grumpy

Quincy (above)
"He's a fluffy, ginger, 3-year-old kitty. He loves to chase after treats, balls, bottle caps, and pretty much anything you drop on the floor."
AADL Human Friend: Beth

Image closeup of a grey slug with black spots on a beautiful seafoam-green lichen background

Baby Slug (above)
"This little baby slug is the offspring of Milton and Manolo, two changeable mantleslugs who are a rare sighting in Michigan and who blessed me with the opportunity to watch their family grow last summer. Milton and Manolo spent the winter of 2022 in my home and because of that they grew very plump and had two fertilized clutches of eggs in June of 2022. This youngster's pigment hasn't filled in yet. The baby is on some light green lichens, which I think look like alien broccoli when shown close up."
AADL Human Friend: Jackie

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