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Floofs & Goofs

We all know what makes a great library—its STAFF! We also know what makes a staff great—THEIR PETS!?!?! Well . . . that CAN and SHOULD be debated, but it's about time we stop fooling around and give the public what they REALLY want . . .


We're upping our FLOOF levels and our GOOF levels this week! Last week, we saw some pensive pets so naturally this week we're looking at... NOT THAT! We love our pets especially when they are being SILLY LIL BUDDIES!!!! Now, don't worry, we haven't forgotten something very important . . . YOUR CODE! You may notice a code hidden about in the pet pictures below . . . however, you may have to look through the pets carefully to find WHICH picture has your code!! You may even need to click on the images for a larger version!

image of Laverne the chicken

Laverne (above)
AADL Human Friend: Marisa


image of Finch the cat

Finch (above)
AADL Human Friend: Jackie


image if Fiona the dog

Fiona (above)
"She is a 3 1/2yo Belgian Malinois!"
AADL Human Friend: Jennifer


image of Guiness the cat

Guiness (above)
AADL Human Friend: Pat


image if Louie the cat

Louie (above) 
"When we rescued this chonky orange boy during the pandemic, they told us his name is Louie. We also refer to him as Lou or Louis."
AADL Human Friend: Darla


image of an isopod

Isopod (above)
"He's a fancy roly poly, but to people who keep them as pets he's what is known as a Cubaris sp. "White Pigeon" isopod."
AADL Human Friend: Jackie


Image of Holly the dog

Holly (above)
"Our 3 year old Cavapoo!"
AADL Human Friend: Amanda


image of Chucky the cockatiel (code: MILLETOVER )

Chucky (above)
"Chucky says two things to help you earn this badge: "Wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi" and "Non't talk me."
AADL Human Friend: Kit


image of Pippa the cat

Pippa (above)
"A former child actor who featured in such blockbusters as Let's Make a Cat Toy: String and Feather, and the sequel, Let's Make a Cat Toy: Scrap Fabric Rope Toy. While she's mostly retired from film now, she and friend Caldenia did make cameos in DIY Jack-o-Lanter Jars. Pippa spends her free time mastering many strange and wondrous sleep poses."
AADL Human Friend: Eileen


image of Zory the cat

Zory (above)
"Zory is 7 years old! When I got Zory I had another cat named Luna and I wanted to give her a Spanish name too. Her full name is Zorrillo which means skunk in Spanish.  She is a parkour genius with a secondary career as a background cat during El Dia De Los Muertos celebrations!"
AADL Human Friend: Erin


image of Ziggy the cat

Ziggy (above)
AADL Human Friend: Pat

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I LOVED this badge and seeing all the A-DOR-A-BLE AADL Staff pets. Please do this badge again next year!

Okay this has been my favorite badge in this series so far (they're all great though)! Every single pet is such a DOOF and I love them all.

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Peticularly Cute 2023

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Look & Find
All Ages


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