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Badge Drop #10: The Big TEN

Fri, 08/11/2023 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

THE BIG TEN IS HERE!!!! Noooo, not football. The TENTH BADGE DROP, of course!!!! 

Summer Game season is truly an A-MAIZE-ING time of the year. Heck, dare we say it’s the BEST season of the year?????? At least IN THIS CORNER of SG Headquarters, we DO dare to say it!!!!!! Seeing PURE GRINS plastered on the faces of those on points PARADE????? PENSIVEly playing through badges week after week?? Can you even beat that?!?! Ah, such a sweet time. 

But there’s no need to be L00KING BACK yet, because we still have plenty of summer left!!!

Oh, and speaking of TIME LEFT…Don’t catch yourself in a STICKY SITUATION by forgetting to create a LAWN or LIBRARY code!!!! The deadline for Lawn and Library Code creating is end of day on AUGUST 13th so act now!!! After that, ALL PRETZ ARE OFF and the final FEROCIOUS code searching MAYHEM begins!!!!

Keep all that in mind, but for now…


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Enjoy these fresh badges and THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!

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