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Super Sonic Final Fantasy

We've hope you've had a TON of FUN with our RUN of reminscent badges in this series, and maybe you even took a trip down MEMORY LANE if you were alive "back in the day." With our FINAL badge in this series, we're remembering fondly some of the classic VIDEO GAMES of yesteryear. The 1990s in particular were a launching space for TONS of classic games, many of which have versions still coming out today. So fire up those Gameboys, plug in the Nintendos, and let's get ready to PLAY!

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I found the princess's name and looked it up in the category Youth Graphic Novel. I found 5 books, none of which have the code.

Updated the hint so it's a little more clear what you're looking for! (It's not Super Mario Bros.—but it shares a couple of those words!). Once you have the correct title, the youth DVD you're looking for should pop right up. :)

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Retro Core 2023

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